Complete Over Perfect: A Life Worth Living

E08 - Get Stuff Done

In Episode 8 we talk about how to get stuff done. We reveal the 2 techniques that has allowed us get our ideas our. This will change your approach in getting your business / product / dream to become reality.

E07 - Self Awareness

In Episode 7 we go through self awareness. How to be concious of the "whys" of your decisions and actions and the way your feel or react to situations!

E06 - Perfectionism & Judging people

In Episode 6 we talk about how to be healthy inside and be kind to others. Some of us tend to judge people that are actually doing the things we want to do to make ourselves feel better about where we are at.

E05 - How to deal with Mind Games, Made up Stories, Thoughts & Character

In Episode 5 we talk about what happens in our mind and the made up stories that reveal what we really think about ourselves.

E04 - The Mask of Perfectionism - Being Authentic

In Episode 4 we talk about hiding behind the veil of Perfectionism and what does it look and feel like to live a journey towards authenticity.

E03 - The important difference between Shame and Guilt

In Episode 3 we look at the important difference between Shame and Guilt. There is a language that shame uses and one that guilt uses.

E02 - Performance, Love and Worth

In this episode we will look at how perfectiomism pushes people to perform so as to feel Love and Worth.

E01 - Defining Perfectionism and Excellence

Perfectionism, Excellence and Healthy Striving - Learn about Kewyn Appadoo & Ella Hooper and what got them started on this journey.